I can help you to create a truly memorable event that will strengthen workplace relationships and strongly influence productivity, morale and wellbeing.

When is a good time to celebrate? Anytime!

Whether it's gratitude offered privately or a coordinated event make sure you celebrate both the big and small wins.

Are you planning a corporate event?

Do you wish to recognise outstanding achievement, celebrate success, or bring staff members together?
Maybe you’d like to celebrate staff commitment, show how much you value your team, or would just like to reward your employees for a job well done.


I will create the perfect story or commentary for your event

Working closely with you to understand your corporate culture and the personalities involved, I will create the perfect story or commentary for your event celebrating all those company milestones and your incredible team who have all contributed to the company success.

Company celebrations are arguably more crucial now than ever...

and can reap many overlooked benefits including higher engagement and productivity, staff retention and increased wellbeing upholding your organisational culture.

As a Corporate trained Celebrant I make the whole process as enjoyable and simple as possible.

I take away the stress of creating a ceremony and provide you with more time to concentrate on the planning of the other aspects of the celebration. I am approachable, considerate, and kind which is a big priority for me. I’m honest and down-to-earth, have very high standards, and am always 100% committed. As a qualified coach I have natural empathy and exceptional planning, leadership and communication skills gained during my 20 years police service.

I’m unflappable and calm under pressure. I’m confident, relatable, and understanding which helps me put people at ease. As an experienced trainer, I have the skills and experience to deliver your ceremony perfectly with warmth, confidence, poise, and meticulous attention to detail.
From start to finish, your ceremony will be heartfelt, professional, fun and delivered on time.


What does all that mean?

My full commitment to work with you & your team to create the perfect ceremony celebrating the achievements of the individuals that have contributed to the success of your company.

Delivery of your ceremony at the event with warmth, passion & humour leaving everyone with memories of those heartfelt moments which they will always value.